i2Gether operates a three stage programme to help and support young people.

1. Outdoor Courses - we get the young people outdoors to encourage them to see a different horizon and a bigger future for themselves.

We start by challenging the young people to a hike up a mountain. Our excellent partners - Challenge The Wild - have created a day-hike that supports and engages the young people while offering the opportunity for them to discuss their life, their hopes and ambitions (if they want to of course). The course is set up to give a sense of achievement by completing the hike but there is space for the young people to open up if they are able to and the i2G volunteers are there to hopefully begin to plan a path forward.

Our goal here is to create spark - that a better future is possible.

2. Mentoring - the next stage is to offer the young person a mentor. It's not compulsory but we are keen advocates of mentoring. The benefits include increased confidence, growing ambition and enhanced interpersonal skills. We work with partner organisations and companies to deliver the mentor programme with the goal being to provide structured support as the young people strive to build their new life.

3. Work experience - there is no substitute for actually gaining experience in the types of work you are interested in. The benefits of working are well-documented. From the obvious financial gains to mental wellness, confidence as well as providing challenges to keep us developing.

i2G is building a network of partner businesses that share our goal for young people. Through this network we create pathways for young people to gain experience in environments where real opportunities exist to begin a career. We aim to match a Young Person’s desire with an employer’s passion to nurture and develop talent.

We believe that work is important but an independent life isn't achieved by just finding work. We support the idea of working to live.

We are all aware that work provides us the ability to experience different things, pursue new adventures and horizons.

We hope that through our skills-building programme young people develop a sense of independence, well-being and confidence to enjoy the life they have built for themselves.