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of care leavers not in employment, education or training


want help in overcoming loneliness and building stable social networks


per month can help a young adult build confidence and independence


i2Gether helps young adults develop the skills they need to build an independent future


i2Gether focuses on young adults between the ages of 16-25 years old. Our model is to inspire them to become part of regular life by providing pathways to skills development. Many of these skills we take for granted, as we learn them passively, over time and subconsciously from parents, family members, teachers, other adults and sometimes our peers.

In many young adults, particularly care leavers, these role models don’t exist, and they miss out on the lessons and quality time needed to develop these skills.

We want to help this mis-understood group build brighter futures by helping them develop the soft and hard (work-based) skills needed to succeed in their work and personal lives.

Our Goal

Our annual fundraising target is £200,000.

This will provide funds to support many young adults identify, learn and develop their skills and build a brighter, independent future. Our approach is to provide stability, both financially and emotionally to young adults as they enter and build their life. We work with partners to deliver the experiences and support we believe will benefit the young adults.

Our goal is also to engage fully with the corporate world.

We want to build a corporate network that is ambitious, passionate and shares our vision that brighter futures are built through skills development.

Why Does it Matter?

We believe bringing together outward-bound activities, workplace experiences with guidance and mentoring we believe is the best combination to achieve sustainable independence – the ultimate measure of success for i2Gether.

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