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Adventure and Activities for Young Adults

For many vulnerable young people, life already feels challenging.

We can help them connect with a different kind of world, with different kinds of challenges, taking them away from their daily concerns, helping them develop personal skills that will be of value to them for years to come.

Skills for life come from putting yourself in different situations, but where you get the right support and encouragement to learn more about yourself and the world.

This is what we do for the young adults we work with. We offer them fresh surroundings and new faces, and challenges that will help them develop a mindset fit for the future.


Challenge the Wild

This organisation offers a range of outward bound challenges for young people. These include multi-activity outdoor challenges across the UK and abroad. Survive the Wild challenges include activities like climbing, abseiling, zip wires and team tasks.

In addition, there are urban challenges, bringing young people face to face with aspects of the city outside their comfort zone.

Finally, there are also opportunities to organise bespoke events, which can work well as ways of getting young adults involved in different situations where they build relationships and their own self-esteem and the confidence to tackle new things.

Do you know someone looking for this kind of support and inspiration?

Whether you’re an agency, a local authority, a local community organisation, if you know someone who can benefit from our help, we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact us, and let’s make positive things happen.

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